Rasp bar left - Massey Ferguson

 Rasp bar left - Massey Ferguson

Name: Rasp bar left - Massey Ferguson

Producer: CDK Parts
Country of origin: Germany
OEM part numer (comperative number): D28080862
Producer code: MF 10319
Application: Massey Ferguson -> Kombajn zbożowy -> CEREA -> 7272,7274,7278Massey Ferguson -> Kombajn zbożowy -> seria 40 -> typ 40
Size, (mm): L = 1660
Weight, (kg): 14.50

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Designation of the beater bar set
The beater bar set is designed to knock out the grain from the stalks

The structure of the bar set
The bar set is a long metal plate on which stamped at an angle edge. Bitter bar sets attached to the threshing drum with high-strength bolts. They can be with the right and left edges of the slope.The bar sets with right and left edges of the slope on the drum set in turn. This is necessary for the uniform distribution of the crop to the threshing drum width. Bar sets should be chosen very precisely by weight. If this does not provide a place imbalance threshing drum, which in turn will lead to failure of the bearings, bearing housings and other parts of the thrashing. The bar sets made ​​of metal with increased strength, as they operate in high vibration and shock

The result of improper selection of bar sets could be the failure of:

bearings - 300-1500 UAH.
housing - 500-1500 UAH
threshing concave 3500 - 16000 UAH



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