Upper Sieve 3D - Claas

Name: Upper Sieve 3D - Class
Producer: CDK Parts
Country of origin: Germany
OEM part numer (comperative number): 647127.0, 647127.1
OEM part number alternative: 647127 0006471270 0006471271
Producer code: CL-10626
Application: Dominator -> 108 S,118, Medion -> 310,320,330,340, Mega -> 208 AC,218,360
Size, (mm): 1739x694
Weight, (kg): 27,80

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Сountry of Origin:                    Germany

Designation of sieve:
The sieve provides separation threshed weight.  It separates the grain from the pile, which is carried by the air flow. The air flow is produced by the fan.

Sieve structure:
Blinds of a sieve contain in parallel the rotary plates located on both parties concerning an axis of a sieve are established in a frame. Turn of plates is performed by means of system of levers placed on a sieve frame.  The frame of a sieve is executed from a "n"-shaped profile.



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