Corn Concave Segment 19x40 - Claas

Name: Corn Concave Segment 19x40 - Claas
Producent: CDK Parts
Kraj pochodzenia: Niemcy
Nr katalogowy (porównawczy): 757441.1
Nr katalogowy alternatywny: 757441 0007574411
Kod producenta: CL-757-441R
Zastosowanie: LEX430-420, 530-520, 470, 570,580

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988,37 zł tax incl.

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Universal concave destination:

The segment concave together with a threshing drum is intended for the preliminary thresh of grain weight, and direct sifting of grain with a small amount of impurity. One of its functions is to break in case of hit in a zone of the thresh of foreign subjects such as large stones or metal details.

Structure of concave;

The concave consists from sidewalls, rigidity edges with C-form and cross levels with openings. In openings the bars forming a trellised surface are established. Also instead of levels can use the punched leaf. The concave can have the various size and a form of holes. It allows fast combine settings for collection of a specific crop.



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