Straw walker - Claas

Straw walker - Claas

Name: Straw walker - Class
Producer: CDK Parts
Country of origin: Germany
OEM part numer (comperative number): 678651.0
OEM part number alternative: 678651 0006786510
Producer code: CL-10660
Application: Dominator -> 108 S,118,78 S,98,98 VX, Medion -> 310,320,330,340, Mega -> 204,204 AC,208 AC,218,350,350 AC,360
Weight, (kg): 57,00

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Straw walker destination

A straw walker is intended for straw movement after the thresh and additional cleaning of a remaining balance of stalks grain .

Structure of straw walker

The straw walker looks like a long trench which is made of the metal leaf which lateral walls have some steps with a teeth. In the upper part of steps lattices with openings for possibility of fall of grain in the trench are placed. Also in the lower part of a trench two metal plates for fixture of wooden bearings to shaft walker are placed.


It is desirable to make replacement of all straw walers. If not to make it will take place disbalances of shaft that can lead to failure of the following details:

wooden bearings (600-1000 UAH);

walker shaft  (3000 - 24000 UAH).




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